New Volvo V60 Cross Country

New Volvo V60 Cross Country

Volvo Cars representatives said they had received orders for the V60 Cross Country wagon. At first glance, you can assume that the V90 wagon was photographed, but not all of these. Why? Because the new V60 is a smaller, more budgeted version of the Volvo V90.

The Volvo V60 cross country is an all-terrain all-rounder, so the suspension has an upgraded suspension with a ground stopping distance of 210 mm. This is higher than the 7.5cm of the base model. The most common engine in the Russian market is a 250-liter 2-liter gasoline turbocharged engine.

New Volvo V60 Cross Country

The All-road V60 is equipped with the latest equipment and is already fitted in the standard version of the vehicle, and the buyer will be provided with an all-wheel drive system, descent assistant, stabilization system and traction control with City Safety system with automatic braking function. Other cars will receive a special mode "off-road" to overcome off-road obstacles. The cost of the new item will be at 3,069,000 rubles.

New Volvo V60 Cross Country

Tips on buying used Volvo XC90

Tips on buying used Volvo XC90

The first generation of the safest SUVs of the Swedish brand appeared in 2002. The first Volvo XC90 of our country came out much later. At first I saw three years of use in front of the sea. A new car has appeared in the salon of the authorized dealer.

Until the next generation to replace Sweden's "family guardian", the model built on the T2 platform lasted 12 years on the conveyor in every way.

The choice is cheap.

During its existence, the first generation of the Volvo XC90 experienced some reorganization from simple round turn signals in the halo to trendy LED optics. One thing, however, was the salon. In addition to the increased number of buttons for the new active security system, there has been no change in the interior of the car for 12 years. On the other hand, the interior of the XC90 is not a stylish living room with TV, so the practicality and monumental architecture of Sweden is indifferent. The size goes beyond the boundaries of our orbit, but the cozy and warm fireplace has a fireplace that can hide all your most precious memories. .

The first version of restyling was produced from 2002 to 2006. These cars flooded our market mainly in the US. The engine range includes three gasoline engines: 2.9 liters, 272 hp; 2.5 liter, 210 horsepower; As well as an impressive 315 horsepower 4.4-liter engine from Yamaha. The diesel car was produced in a 2.4-liter volume with a non-replacement engine, delivering 163 hp.

Notwithstanding European past scandals on the subject of "environmentally friendly" diesel engines, it is worth noting that in this "company" the diesel engine is the most stable and rustic engine. In addition, the rarest is a car fitted with a problem-free manual transmission, providing adequate service and care for customers for many years.

Costs in the secondary market: 350,000 – 600,000 rubles.

Tips on buying used Volvo XC90

After the re-styling model experienced in 2006, "Swede" found new front and rear bumpers, different optics and headlights, grills and mirrors. The most striking difference between the updated cars is that the door handles, mirrors and wheel arch extensions are completely painted in body color. Moreover, crossovers appeared in mirrors and taillights with square cross sections of the rotation signal.

There were also a lot of changes under the hood of the refreshed Volvo XC90. Thus, the 2.9-liter turbocharged engine progressed to a 3.2-liter unit with a 238-horsepower "pre-tax" capacity. If you are not fascinated by the "roar" of the Volvo diesel engine, you can recommend purchasing this engine. Engineers, however, have introduced a new injection system that allows engineers to achieve 185 horsepower. 200 horsepower

The cars of this generation were equipped with adaptive cruise control systems and blind zone monitoring systems.

Costs in the secondary market: 600,000 – 1 200,000 rubles.

Tips on buying used Volvo XC90

The last restyling that took place in the car in 2012 has inspired modern and stylish. So the XC90 was painted with the back LED optics, the fog on the DRL, and all the unpainted elements on the exterior painted in body color.

In the motor range of change, absolutely nothing happened, just like the banner, and inside. It should also be noted that most of the cars represented in the secondary market have been taken over by new cars at the salons of Russian dealers and have very "average equipment".

Costs in the secondary market: 1 200 000 – 1 900 000 rubles.


Tips on buying used Volvo XC90


As mentioned earlier, the Volvo XC90 is based on the T2 platform with S80, S60 and V70. First of all, it is worth noting that the Hal Dex coupling is not worth the wait for the UAZ cross country crossover because it is very categorized by the various overheatings, because you can use all-wheel drive but the car does not have a solid lock.

Stop reliability:

  • Steering tip and ballast post – 60-70 thousand km
  • Shock absorber – 130-150 thousand km
  • Rear hub – 40-50 thousand km

The heart of Sweden

More than half of the Volvo XC90 in the secondary market has a 5-cylinder turbocharged engine B5254T2 that develops 210 horsepower. The main problem with this engine is that it requires careful maintenance. In principle, we are talking about replacing turbines with 200,000 to 250,000 km of running. In addition, the clogged oil separator in the crankcase ventilation system may cause the sweat glands to press in the winter, and the thermostat, which can lead to overheating in summer, may be damaged.

Many similar problems are not aliens in the turbocharger inline "sixes" of the B6294T (272 hp). In 2007, this engine replaced the other six cylinders. However, the atmospheric unit B6324S (238 horsepower) became remarkably economical. In the first year, oil consumption increased with an incomplete oil separator, but the problem with the upgraded valve cover disappeared.

Tips on buying used Volvo XC90

The diesel power unit D5244T is simple and reliable. At moderate torque, it offers a very modest appetite of 11-12 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. However, it is important to remember about the timely maintenance of diesel engines, especially the regular cleaning of the crankcase ventilation system and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). This should be done every 60 to 90,000 kilometers.

The V-shaped "8" in our country was not particularly popular due to the "horse" tax of 315 horsepower. Under the hood of such a "Swedish family man athlete".


In the Volvo XC90's arsenal, there are three automatic transmissions that unfortunately can not boast of reliability. The most "capricious" is the four-speed box GM 4T65E, which is not always ready to cope with the torque of the turbocharged "sixes". However, this type of transmission is easy to repair and restore from 60 to 70,000 rubles.

The five-speed AW55 on the diesel engine and gasoline line "fives" is carefully operated and regularly exchanges oil for repair, but this automatic transmission must last more than 200,000 km. However, the best choice is a relatively fresh TF80SC equipped with a V8 engine, inline 3.2 and a post-style turbo diesel engine. If you are not surprised to own a solid crossover in a manual transmission, you can find this option on the vast Internet site. Cars with a manual transmission are distinguished by reliability and simplicity.

The most common problem with the Volvo XC90 is the Hal dex clutch oil pump, which fails frequently due to the daily operation of the vehicle, as well as the DEM control unit responsible for rear differential control.

Tetris and the Eternal Body

The body is galvanized, so the first copy of the Swedish crossover also prevents corrosion problems. When you reach "200 kilometers" of unpainted plastic bumpers and mirrors, plastic headlights begin to darken and begin to fade. This is especially noticeable in the first car series.

Interior The Volvo XC90 is the most practical in the basic version with a cloth interior. Despite the durability of the Swedish saloon in the leather, cracks in the driver and passenger cushion consistently appear after five years of active use. In the worst way, a car in a cream colored leather interior "saves their face".

Tips on buying used Volvo XC90

The absence of a modern multimedia system does not mean there is no problem. Monochrome "Tetris", which connects the car's central console to production, often fails and the display icon blurs. The same applies to the initial release of the onboard computer display.

Due to the high humidity, longitudinal and lateral acceleration sensors (BCS) under the passenger seat may not work. In addition, the electronic control unit (CEM) has "died" due to the accumulation of water in the engine compartment gap and has been further sealed since 2005.

Tips on buying used Volvo XC90


When purchasing a used Volvo XC90, you must first pay attention to the automatic transmission status, the Hal dex clutch and the electronic controls of the system.

If the choice drops to the turbocharged "6", it is not necessary to check the pressure and efficiency of the turbine, thus avoiding costly repairs to replace it.

When purchasing a car with a limited budget of 400 to 500,000 rubles, you need to be particularly selective and careful. Despite the fact that the XC90 is equipped with a 272-horsepower engine at this price point, in addition to the cost of turbine maintenance, it should pay 37,500 rubles per year, so "do not hurry" in the first sample.