Commission the BMW 750i and Audi A8 L at the racetrack.

After all, everyone knows the fastest car rolling! It should be noted, I quickly learned and used all the potential of the machine.

For the first time, I got a chance to test a premium car under such conditions. I want to talk more about BMW right now. I like this brand and I like cars, but I will not forget the A8 too.

I think, "7" is really nice when standing next to Audi, but it is not the most beautiful compared to the old BMW model. The former 750 was more aggressive, and it was more of a true "BMW Spirit". And here's the car chrome through the element .. Yes, and the outline is somewhat ambiguous. Just like the new "Five" is "7" and it's getting bigger and I want Botox injected …


Holding the keys to this car, I fell in love immediately. For the first time I see the "Key-iPhone": In fact, the touchscreen can see many machine parameters. You can start the engine remotely, or you can provide this key to your passengers. I am deeply involved in "core business", but I can not say that the device has impressed me. The main task was to "gazanut" on the machine and try rather than participate immediately.


But among the "gaznut", the key and appearance was the salon. And I can say that some of the Bayern moments do not really like it. Comparing this BMW with the Audi A8, we pay attention to the quality of the rustic "wooden" inserts, leather (plastic, metal – especially steep in this class of cars) that look like wood and look like plastic. At this point, Audi has become more and more elegant. Seating indoors is expensive and looks rich.


On the other hand, the 750th electronics and multimedia systems were very pleased. It's understandable, logical, but there are a lot of interesting and interesting "chips". You can twist your fingers in the air in front of the center screen. The system recognizes this and adjusts the music volume. "Twist" – The sound is added counterclockwise – Decrease. The car hangs on all sides of the camera, so a three-dimensional "machine" can be displayed on the monitor. The actual situation is displayed around it. Try moving the "camera" in any direction like a computer game. Too cool, there is no such thing in Audi, nothing compared to a totally different atmosphere. A separate note requires BMW's normal "joystick" to control menus and settings. He turns to "right" to move the menu up and down as on most machines. The opposite is true in A8. A terrible discomfort.


My job was mainly to evaluate the handling, so I can say that BMW still remains and is more athletic than my competitors. I will not say: "Ride to the track by chance and throw it in time." This car is not made for this, but if you still have to go to the track, BMW will definitely be more fun. It's easier, more active, and at least allows you to ride on a small slide. No, it does not provide a "break" at all: the stabilization system, even when off, chokes the motor and disturbs the control … but you will get a certain touch of pleasure. Also, under extreme conditions, you have a good road potential. And I intentionally stitched the same aid system so that the other driver in everyday life would not let the car fall by foolishness.


Of course, I tried to ride for the track quickly, quickly but for them. But in BMW, for example, I was relaxed by the absence of the steering wheel petals. Only the "Joystick" of the automatic box can be switched manually. And as the steering wheel keeps moving out of the "manual" position of the drive, the car starts to think about turning itself into a fool … It's much easier to keep the engine at the right speed with Audi. "Seven" slower response to gas – The pedal must be pushed hard on the floor to spin the engine. At the same time, the rotational speed jumps. However, all the noise too radically and underneath the rear wheels disappear from the slip.


This car can not be considered a race. However, if you accidentally drove the track, it is a good idea to drive BMW. Despite changing the motor at slower corners or the inconvenience of being "stupid", it does more interesting and interesting action in the fastest part of the path. It is not that heavy. And the "delegate", like the Audi A8, has at least some sort of sport note. Typical life measured routinely has great potential and this "journey over" is once again emphasized. In ordinary life, such liners can only access the racetrack when good crowds come in to view the situation competition, and that is their beauty. They have to go back slowly. Maybe the older you are, the more I like it. Until now, however, I did not like the personal use of the BMW 750 or Audi A8. And do not get upset about this!







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