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The 2010 Detroit Auto Show debuted at the Sports Hybrid Honda CR-Z Coupe. The car is powered by a 122-horsepower, four-cylinder, four-cylinder I-VTEC 1.5-liter engine that works with a 15-horsepower electric motor driven by a 100-volt nickel metal-hydride battery in the trunk.

The new Honda CR-Z is very eco-friendly with a braking energy recovery system and start / stop functions. The model, paired with a six-speed manual transmission, has a CO2 emission rate of 31-37 grams per kilometer and a variator of 36-38 grams / km.

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Sport suspension is fitted to the vehicle, standard 16-inch wheels can be replaced with 17-inch sport suspension, and a variety of active and passive safety systems and standard equipment are also available for Coupe.

Updated Honda CR-Z 2013

Originally the Honda CR-Z 2013 hybrid coupe was supposed to be held at the Paris Motor Show in 2012, but a two-door retrofit took place a week ago at the Indonesian Motor Show.

Updated Honda CR-Z 2013

The car has a modified head optics with modified grille, LED section, enlarged air intake and other foglights, LED taillights, diffuser and other front bumper with 17-inch wheels in a modified design.

The Honda CR-Z 2013’s hybrid power plant has become somewhat more powerful without losing efficiency and environmental friendliness. If the previous engine gave 122 horsepower (173 Nm), then increased to 134 after increasing the power, and the maximum torque is 190 Nm.

Such indicators have a coupĂ© with a manual gearbox, and for versions with a variable gear, the force and torque are reduced to 133 hp. 172 Nm. In addition, the car has a new mode of operation “plus sports”.

Updated Honda CR-Z 2016

Updated Honda CR-Z 2016

At the end of August 2015, the Japanese released the second updated Honda CR-Z model. But now the technical content of the hybrid coupe remained unchanged, affecting both exterior and interior design.

Outside, the Honda CR-Z 2016 stands out with a new front bumper with revised grille and revised optics as well as different sections of fog and stylish spoilers.

Salon Honda CR-Z FL

The rear bumper and light went through the revision. And a new sorting rim appeared in alignment. Inside the reconstructed Honda CR-Z 2016, the audio system’s touchscreen and parking brake lever were replaced with buttons, bringing the armrest between the front seats to the spotlight.

In addition, the car was equipped with an active noise cancellation system, and audio systems can now improve the engine sound through the speakers by creating a feeling of driving a more powerful car than the speaker.

The Honda CR-Z is not officially sold in the Russian market and has no pricing information.

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