New Honda Pilot 2019

The configuration and price of Honda Pilot 2019 in Russia starts at 3,214,000 rubles and the most expensive crossover requires 3,814,000 rubles. In the United States, these options appeared last summer, but the sale of the re-styled version began at the end of February 19th.

Specifications The Honda Pilot 2019 offers a single engine. It is a 3.0-liter V6 at atmospheric pressure and is “strangled” in Russian specifications, consisting of a 249-horsepower six-speed automatic transmission and a rear wheel coupling that individually combines all-wheel drive all-wheel drive systems.

Picking and pricing Honda Pilot 2019

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Show Prices

Complete set price
3.0 (249 hp) Lifestyle AWD AT6 3 214 900
3.0 (249 horsepower) Executive AWD AT6 3,564,900
3.0 (249 hp) Premium AWD AT6 3,814,900

AT6 – Automatic 6-speed, AWD – 4 wheel drive

At the Chicago Auto Show, the premiere of a huge crossover (already three generations to the pilot) was held at 2500th, but official photos of cars were leaked to the network a few hours before the show. And in the summer of 18th, the car was significantly updated with modified shapes and modern technical materials.

  • Early version Lifestyle Includes 10 airbags, ABS and ESP, light and tire pressure sensors, cruise control, leather seats, full electronic, electric front seat with heating, rear camera, engine start button and alloy wheels. In this case there is a simple air conditioner and a simple CD player.
  • Complete set Executive 3-zone thermostats, heated rear sofa and steering wheel, rain sensor, all-in-one camera, parking sensor, multimedia system, keyless entry and trunk lid servo drives onboard.
  • Best performance premium It boasts front seat ventilation, standard navigation, DVD player, premium music and screen for rear passengers.

Technical Specifications

The new model of Honda Pilot 2018-2019 is based on an upgraded chassis of earlier models shared with Acura MDX 3. Below the car’s hood is an i-VTEC 3.5 liter, 6 liters 280 horsepower. (This is 30 power more than before) 355 Nm. In the United States, you can use 6 or 9 automatically pairs, and the drive can be either full or front.

The manufacturer promises substantial fuel savings. Reduced due to the weight of the car itself reduced by a start-up / stop system and a modified engine with the ability to shut down the cylinder half under light load and a weight of 136 kg (1,813 kg, all-wheel drive – 1,903).

Honda Pilot 2019

Sales of the Honda Pilot 3 in Russia were expected to begin in March, which is 2600, but India was postponed in June. We have a large crossover with a three-stage trim level with an eight-seater cabin and a 3.0-liter PI VTEC engine in the Earth Dreams family with an alternating control system for VCM cylinders. This motor produces 249 horsepower. It is combined with a 6-band automatic machine equipped with an electronic control unit and torque converter.

The average fuel consumption of a combined cycle is 10.4 liters per 100 kilometers (city – 14.3, on the highway – 8.2 liters), while the pilot from one point to 100 meters is 9.1 seconds (-0.8 seconds), top speed is 192 km / h. In addition, Arsenal includes a complete drive system with various operating modes such as highway, snow, mud, sand, and thrust vectoring iVTM-4.

The overall length of the model is 4,954 mm, the wheelbase is 2,820, the width is 1,997, the height is 1,788, the ground clearance (clearance distance) is 200 mm, and the amount of baggage varies from 305 to 827 or 1,779 liters. The position of the back of the second and third rows of the seat.

Among other things, Honda Pilot 2019 has received a new list of new standard equipment and options that were previously unavailable. For example, in foreign markets, the steering wheel is already included in the database, and the first and second rows of the seat (with front ventilation) are included. For a fee, a panoramic roof, 20-inch wheels, adaptive cruise control, a tracking system, and frontal crash warnings can be fitted.

Exterior & Salon

New Honda Pilot 2019

Judging by the pictures of the new Honda Pilot 2019, the design of the car has changed dramatically compared to previous generation versions. The image has lost cruelty and angle contours. It has been completely changed to a different outline. This model has a completely different lighting technology (diode) and bumper, CR-V style grille, redesigned glaze and loop line.

In the 2019 model, the front bumper was modified, the LED headlight gained the “diamond” design, and the lanterns changed the design. Other steering wheel and electronic dashboards appeared on the cabin. Combined security system “Honda Sensing”, CabinTalk function, non-contact opening system of the fifth door, and improved monitor entertainment system for rear passengers.

Salon Honda Pilot 3

The interior design of the Honda Pilot III has become more traditional and modern. The shape of the ventilation nozzle has changed, and a new steering wheel and dashboard have appeared. The multimedia system’s 8.0-inch touchscreen display is mounted on the center console and the shift lever has disappeared from the dash as it moves to the transmission button.

However, the beauty salon still has three seats and can accommodate up to 8 people, including drivers. In fact, the buyer can give up the integral rear sofa. The manufacturer offers modifications in two separate seats. Rear passengers use a 9-inch screen at an additional charge. In 17 years, we saw support for upgraded multimedia in Russia with Yandex.Navigator, MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto and Siri voice volunteers.


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