New Mercedes GLS 2020: Off-Road S-Class

The Germans brought the next generation Mercedes-Benz GLS 2020 SUV 2019, and the company has become an off-road version of the S-Class. The car is bigger and more comfortable than its predecessor, and provides the height of class luxury.

The launch of the new Mercedes GLS in Russia is at the beginning of the 19th or 20th year. The price will be announced later, but there is no doubt that the car will be more expensive. In the future, production of “gi-el-si” will be coordinated at the Russian factory.

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From a design point of view, the SUV was absolutely recognizable while retaining the look of the previous generation cars. But there are completely different fronts from other bumpers, headlights and grills. The latter has two gigantic margins with six small slits (three on each side) and the head optics already on the base are Multibeam LEDs with 112 diodes in each headlight.

The horizontal directional diode taillight with 3D pattern is very narrow, and the chrome plated bar traverses the full width of the vehicle across the full width of the car. The side walls of the GLS have lost sharp edges and stamps, but the rounded wheel arches use a giant overlay and embossed hood to create a brutal look.

Salon Mercedes GLS 2020

The interior of the new Mercedes GLS 2020 in front of the Junior GLE is completely repetitive. The front panel has two 12.3-inch displays beneath normal glass and has deflectors mounted to the sides. The left screen acts as an electronic dashboard and the right is assigned to the MBUX multimedia system to recognize both voice commands and gesture control.

Below the multimedia screen are four rectangular vents and even lower-narrow horizontal temperature controls. The dashboard features a small joystick and touch pad for entering information, as well as a secret drawer with a cup holder. A high resolution projection display of 720×240 pixels is available for a fee.

Mercedes GLS 2020

The difference begins after the average column between GLA and FPP. The SUV basically has three rows of seats, one of which can be a three-seater sofa or armrest and two separate skipper chairs (for this model, for the first time) with individual electrical controls. The two columns also have the ability to fold the back using an electric drive by touching the button.

The all-in-one sofa can be moved back and forth, the seats are split at a ratio of 60:40, and the rear (40:20:40) can be adjusted at an angle of inclination. For a surcharge, you can order two 11.6-inch monitors and an entertainment system for the second row with internet access. In the 6-seater version, you can control the various functions via optional lumbar massage and a 7-inch touchscreen on the center armrest. can.

The company claims it will not offend third-class passengers. Two adults should be able to easily accommodate up to 194 cm, and the gallery has heated seats and USB connectors. When the owner hits the five-zone climate control system, the third-tier population will descend to their own set of baffles with autonomous air conditioning and electric heaters.

Technical Specifications

The new Mercedes GLS 2020 body is based on the MHS (Mercedes High Architecture) platform, with an overall length of 5,207 mm (+ 77), a width of 22 mm (up to 1,956) and an additional 60,135 At length (5,151) and the distance between the axle (3,105), the newly introduced BMW X7 is left behind.

Mercedes GLS 2020

By increasing the wheelbase, the distance between the first and second lines of the cabin has been increased by 87 mm at a time. In the future, Germans are expected to prepare a luxury Mercedes-Maybach GLS. GLS will surely remove the third line, which allows rear passengers to move further back and comfort the business jet.

Manufacturers who did not specify an SUV’s trunk volume specified only a volume of up to 2,400 liters (100 liters reduced) when the second line and the third line were collapsed. The car washes in the Mercedes GLS II seemed to check in at the car wash. All windows and hatches are automatically closed in the car wash, the rain sensor is turned off, air recirculation and all round-vision cameras are activated and the suspension is in the highest position.

The new Mercedes-Benz GLS Class 2020 comes with two gasoline engines, both with a hybrid EQ-Boost add-on representing a 22 horsepower starter-generator. And powered by a 250 Nm, 48-volt electrical system. The motor assists the main engine during acceleration and is responsible for starting the engine while the start / stop system is operating.

The version of the Mercedes GLS 450 features a 3.0 liter turbo sterling capacity of 367 hp. And 500 Nm. And the more powerful GLS 580 is powered by a 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbocharger delivering 489 hp. And a torque of 700 Nm. There are also two 3-liter six-cylinder diesel engines OM 656 in range. At the GLS 350 d, it develops 286 hp. (600 Nm), the rebound from the GLS 400 d increases to 330 “horses” and 700 Nm.

Mercedes GLS 2020

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All engines are combined with the 9-band automatic 9G-Tronic, and the 4MATIC all-wheel drive system is based on the razdatka with a multi-plate clutch equipped with electronic controls to distribute the propulsion between the axles. Optionally, you can order off-road razdatkoy packages.

On the basis of the new Mercedes GLS relies on an Airmatic air suspension with an adaptive shock absorber. To pay the extra fee, you can replace it with a more advanced hydraulic suspension E-Active Body Control that works on the 48-volt onboard network mentioned above. Here, each wheel is individually controlled. There is a struggle with the roll, and if it sticks, you can simulate the stacking of the system.

As a result, FPP remains a full-fledged off-road vehicle, especially when you order the equipment, you should look good on the outside of the asphalt. But almost everyone will not chase that car on the road, except that the Arabs can make various terrain configurations on the sand.

Configuration and Price

The production of Mercedes GLS will be adjusted in the US Tuskalus (Alabama) company, later in the Russian brand factory. Sales will begin before the end of 1900, but model costs will be announced later. GLS 400 d 4Matic and GLS 450 4Matic.

It is also anticipated that AMG’s “billed” FPP and Maybach will be available in the future. These versions also appear to us, but should not be expected before 2020.

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