Solaris price crossover. Editor's Choice Top 5

Russia’s weather conditions, bad roads, heavy snowfall, and bigger curves, sooner or later all Russians will think about turning the sedan into a wide crossroads. The representative market of this class in our country is quite large. But a crossover also means a different status of the owner and other costs of owning the car.

Renault Duster


The concept of “proper crossover” has consistently been associated with Renault Deruster SUVs for the past eight years. The Romanian interest Dacia’s brain survived the second restyling, a new generation of best-sellers is just beyond.

Renault Duster – a small crossover with the qualities of this SUV. This is a weapon that gives the “little Renault” the habit of “adult swamp” – all wheel drives with large exit angles (front 30 “and rear 36”), 210 mm high ground clearance and clutch lock . The car chooses the buyer with three engines: 1.5 diesel, 109 horsepower, 1.6 petrol, 114 horsepower and the most powerful supply, 2.0 petrol, 143 liters. c. “Little Renault” comes with a four-speed classic “automatic” and six-step “mechanics”. Despite its “Logan” origin, Duster is able to satisfy buyers with leather seats, navigation systems, rearview cameras, parking sensors and even climate controls. Trunk volume is not small 408 liters.

However, you should not use a high-quality finish to achieve a clean interior budget. The inconvenient location of short seat cushions, multimedia systems and climate control systems, and the lack of authentic interior door handles – all of which are inherited from Logan’s cars. Renault Duster – This rational choice. For your money, the car provides the buyer with exactly as needed. He is a real helper who will carry the refrigerator home and will not dirt off the face of the off-road.
Purchasers of 1 million rubles can purchase Luxe Privilege versions with 1,019,000 rubles diesel engines, manual transmissions, and 1,029,000 rubles automatic transmissions. The 2-liter engine, manual transmission and all-wheel drive versions cost 989,000 rubles, which saves money on CTP.

Hyundai Crete

Next-Generation Best-Sized Compact Sedan – A modern city cross built on modern Solaris. Creta – The intersection of a typical Moscow city can easily overcome any Moscow curb and snow-covered roads (all-wheel drive), which is not a barrier to winter travel. Modern crossover is more modern than Renault buster. You will find a more modern body design with bright, trendy LED lighting and DRL. Proceeding to the car without getting the key and suggesting the maximum configuration to start the engine with a single push of a button. Automotive noise isolation increases your voice when talking to fellow travelers at speeds up to 150 km / h. But do not forget that Creta is still a budget crossover. Therefore, do not expect high-quality enjoyment in touch screen plastic and beautiful multimedia system with large LCD screen. The car’s trunk volume is average – 402 liters. The stack height is small and the geometry of the baggage space strives for the correct rectangular shape.

A modern little crossover would suit all types of drivers. Abtoldi is young and inexperienced as well as an experienced driver with great experience. In both cases, driving a car is not difficult.

The Hyundai Creta is offered in two types of engines: 1.6 petrol, 123 horsepower, 6-speed manual transmission and 6-speed automatic transmission; 2.0 petrol, 150 hp. It is sold only in pairs with six-speed “automatic”. The drive for all modifications can be both front and front. Unfortunately, for every profit you have to pay. For technologically superior cars than Duster, you have to pay from 799,000 rubles to 1.5 million rubles.

For 1 million rubles, you can only purchase a basic engine with four-wheel drive and “dynamic” or front-wheel drive, but equipped with an automatic transmission. Edit Somanyhorses recommends everything you need: Comfort package with climate control, heated front seats and steering wheel, LED DRL, alloy wheels, roof rails and leather handles.

A 1.6-liter version of a four-wheel drive vehicle with a version 1.6 manual transmission has 1 074 000 rubles and a version 1.6 with a 2-wheel drive vehicle with an automatic transmission – 1 044 000 rubles.

Nissan Kashkay

And what if a budget-crossing classroom does not suit you? I want something that is more solid and higher. So why look at Nissan Qashqai. The latest generation of bestseller Nissan crossover has seen the light in 2014. The company showed the first reshipment of the car only this summer and the updated car has not reached our market yet.

Qashqai – truly beautiful car with advanced technology. LED front and rear optics raise the car to a new level and tell the buyer that it will not meet budget decisions in the car, such as unpainted mirrors and door handles, air conditioning and rear electric windows. At the top of the range, the car will entertain you with a keyless car access system, a self parking system, a cycling reporting system and a bicycle adaptive optics as well as a leather interior, a panoramic roof and navigation system.

The elemental habitat of the crossover in Nissan is the city. The car can be fitted with the same plug-in all-wheel drive system installed on the Renault Duster, but if it is not long overhangs, low suspension venting, and manual transmission fans, the transmission can not pass through a serious mud puddle. But the car has excellent noise insulation and wide trunks by an excellent, very soft and energy-intensive suspension and class standard – 430 liters. The ratio of seat folding is 60:40.

The Nissan Qashqai is a higher level crossover and in every way, and above all, at a price. The car is supplied to the Russian market supplied with three engines: 1.2 petrol with turbocharger, 115 hp, variator capable of continuously changing and 6 “mechanics”. 20 petrol (144 hp) is also provided to the buyer with 1.6 diesel (130 hp), with two transmission options and a non-standard CVT. The four-wheel drive was modified with a 2.0-liter engine.

The amount of one million rubles includes two configurations, but in the case of a turbocharger it should be used with “4” petrol. Do not be afraid of the sluggish, ordinary power of a car with a 1.2 engine. Using the Nissan Crossover’s CVT is also agile so you not only have confidence in passing on the track, but you can also be confident while you “march” on traffic lights. Editor’s Choice – SE version with manual transmission for 1 089 000 rubles via audio system with 17-inch alloy wheels, light sensor and rain sensor, dual zone thermostat, heated seats, 6 speakers and an electric folding mirror. If your car does not have an automatic transmission, you may want to look at the version of XE that has variants for 1,073,000 rubles, unless all of the listed options help you.

Ford Ecosport

Do you like something completely different from others? Design and originality come first. And does not the crazy rhythm of life allow you to waste time on bulky and cumbersome cars? Then a child from Ford, a crossover made specifically for you.

The bright, creative design of the car captures the eyes of many white sands. The compact dimensions make it easy to mount your vehicle anywhere in the center of Moscow and the increased clearance helps to overcome the high rebound. And, of course, the main “trick” of this car – the spare tire on the tailgate – will make you feel like you are some kind of really special owner.

Factors of habitat grown in the Fiesta platform crossover – city streets only. That’s right. EcoSport is never made for off-road use, but eventually 65% ​​of the car owners of this class will not use it for their intended purpose. The car trunk is only 333 liters. However, if you need to translate more than your baggage at the store, the “kid” will provide a true adult variation of the salon. The second row seat is fully folded and folded forward, creating a 1238-liter flat loading space. The saloon is the same as a small Ford Fiesta cabin, but even tall drivers do not feel the tension and “lack of air”. And then, the Ford Ecosport, which is a real American, and a glass holder and drawer of the car is a necessary attribute, will satisfy all your most cherished fantasies.

The car provides the buyer with a superior audio system with a keyless doorway system, six speakers, climate control, heated seat and parking sensor in the saloon. Unfortunately, the problem with high-quality multimedia systems with pseudo-color displays can only be resolved during the car’s re-styling this year, so music fans will have to wait for the updated “baby” release scheduled for October 2018.

The Ecosport comes with a 1.6 petrol engine, 122 horsepower and 2.0 horsepower and 140 horsepower. The robot transmission with a double clutch is equipped with a 1.6-liter engine and a 4-wheel-drive-2-liter unit.

According to the editor, the ideal option is an early version of Powershift’s trend for one million rubles. This version includes air conditioning, heated seats, high-quality audio systems, and LEDs.

Radaniva 4×4 Bronte

“Even when I look at the mirror, I can not smile at myself from being too serious.” If your fist is stronger than steel, you are a true Chuck Norris and can not accept 100% brutality. Then you have a choice of up-to-date editing.

In the market for 37 years, as well as Russia, Germany, Greece and CIS have also sold unequal cars on the road. Niva has a classical and unchanging design “brick” in light of the experience of German colleagues in Stuttgart. Never lose popularity. The sharp edges of the body, with the giant bumper of the Bronto version, resemble the jaws of John Travolta. The short overhang of the 235/75 R15 mud tires and the 240 mm ground clearance coupled with the wheels provide a unique cross-country vehicle.

But the Niva is not just a brutal SUV, it suits the main quality of a modern crossover – comfort. The car has an audio system with child seat air conditioning, electric windows, heat sinks, power steering, ABS, EBD, BAS, ISOfix mounting and 4 speakers. And the most important option is to allow all off-road enthusiasts to wipe rivals’ noses when trying to replace their wheels. In Niva, “spare parts” are placed in the engine compartment and can be left “clean” from dust as well as cruelty. The starting capacity is only 265 liters, but a vast roof rail that can withstand up to 120 kg is provided for hunting deer hunting.

The car is consistently made of 1,683 cubic meters of gasoline engine. See, 83 horsepower transmission – exclusively “male”, 5-speed.

Editor’s Choice – Bronte version of the image of 74 million rubles. These cars are not only very stylish in Timati’s barbershop, but they can also take children safely and comfortably to kindergarten if you are a caring father.

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